About Castaways

Who we are and how it all started...

Strick and Fran from The Castaways (YouTube channel). A marine biologist and an engineer trying their best to conserve our beautiful, extraordinary and giving planet earth.

Castaways life is inspired by our adventures, surviving and thriving off the land. Aiming to connect more women with nature and to live a more sustainable and respectful life with minimal impact. 

Stay up to date on our Website, Instagram, YouTube for tips and tricks on how to protect and connect more with our land and sea.


Our products

Created in the most ethical way with our planet in mind, every product is a limited edition. Manufactured by using natural and organic fabrics of fast growing plants or recycled material. 

Coconut : natural material grown with no pesticides or herbicides and harvested by hand. Being a short-lived tropical species, especially if compared with some rainforest hardwood trees, logging has a lesser ecological cost. Heavily reduces waste as it s strong and durable. 

Bamboo fast-growing grass, it requires no fertiliser and self-regenerates from its own roots. Requires minimal water, absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than any similar group of trees.

Organic cottonIt is grown from seeds that have not been genetically modified and without the use of pesticide, insecticide or fertilizer. Organic farming practices avoid using harmful chemicals while aiming for environmental sustainability and the use of fewer resources.

Linen : natural fiber. To grow the plant requires minimal water and energy, no pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. It can grow in poor soil condition and most importantly has a high rate of carbon absorption. 

Repreve : certified performance fiber made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles). High quality. Sustainable. Certified. Recycled.

Econyl : created in Italy. Uses synthetic waste such as industrial plastic, waste fabric, and fishing nets from oceans, then recycles and regenerates them into a new nylon yarn that is exactly the same quality as virgin. Waste, otherwise polluting the Earth, is transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon. It's exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled.

Organic Hemp : Growing without the need for pesticides and herbicides whilst yielding large amounts of fibre. Hemp matures in as little as 100 days,  making it exceptionally renewable. It can trap 230% more carbon per year than fast-growing Eucalypt trees. And when the hemp is turned into products that permanently lock up the carbon such as hempcrete and other building materials, it becomes an incredibly efficient 100% natural carbon capture system. Carbon positive. Fast growing. Renewable.


Carbon neutral parcel delivery

The process of delivering a parcel emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is shown  to harm our environment.   
To ensure our delivery is carbon neutral we:  

  • reduce emissions from our operation where possible
  • compensate for the remaining emissions by investing in carbon offset projects 


10% of profit donated to conservation projects

- beach clean ups

- education projects

- coral restoration

- tree plantings